The „Led Tasso“ Effect

Ted Lasso is a series on Apple TV+ and the second season has just started now. In the third episode of season 2, this effect happens and that’s where I got the idea for this post.

Ted Lasso is a former NFL coach and then went to England to AFC Richmond to become a soccer coach in the Premier League. He had no idea about soccer but he did know about people.

In the end, he was relegated to the second division but is now trying to get back up in the second season. From the first 8 games, there were 8 draws and Ted was a bit pissed off but he made the situation worse by bringing a player into the team that no one likes or liked until then, Jamie Tartt.

Jamie has been playing for AFC before and bullied everyone, insulted everyone, and now that he no longer has that power he gets it all back, which of course worsens the morale and vibe in the team. So Ted Lasso no longer comes out of the dressing room at training as Ted Lasso but as Led Tasso.

Ted, who is usually super-duper nice, has now become Led, the monster. Led yells at everyone and when he notices mistakes, the team runs for penalties or does other punishment drills.

The thing is, he’s aiming at something. Because now the hatred is no longer with the new teammate and at the same time enemy, Jamie Tartt, but it is with the coach, Led or Ted. So Jamie can now complain about Led/Ted in the locker room with the others without thinking about not being heard because as I said, he is no longer the enemy at this moment.

The whole thing is a super mind game, which of course the players didn’t understand but Ted and his co-trainer/best friend worked out.

Personal opinion:

I think it’s great and it’s something that can be used in the normal world like this. I’m thinking of protecting a friend or whatever you can think of. The Led Tasso effect certainly won’t let you down as it was invented by Ted Lasso.

Listen to the Podcast-Episode here (it’s in German):

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